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    Video caption: Skating on a once-in-a-decade "ice window" in Alaska

    Footage shows an ice rescue instructor skating on a rare window of ice in Alaska's Alpine lakes.

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    Video caption: Watch: Hawaii's mysterious 'Barbie' pink pond

    Visitors have been flocking to the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge to see the spectacle.

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    Video caption: Watch: Firefighters tackle raging Texas Tesla fire

    The car's owner told local news outlets that they heard a hissing sound from the vehicle before the fire.

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    Video caption: Maui police call Hawaiian Electric to shut off power during fire

    The BBC obtained a recording of a call between Maui police and Hawaiian Electric during the Lahaina wildfire.

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    Video caption: Noah Tomkinson recalls his family's escape from the Maui wildfires

    A devastating wildfire burned the historic town of Lahaina on 8 August, killing at least 99 people.

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    Video caption: Bodycam video shows Maui police frustrated by road blocks

    New footage obtained by the BBC shows confusion as road access was blocked during the evacuations in Lahaina.